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Bird Bowl Fountain 17.2"

Rs. 36,000.00
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Bird Bowls

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Multi-tiered brass fountain assembled with brass bowls embellished with brass birds to spruce up your garden décor. The design is borrowed from nature, inspired by bird nests. The asymmetry of the twigs and leaves, give it an organic feel. Not only is the design beautiful and lively, it also attracts life into your garden. The brass and the metals in the finish keep the aura of the space positive and pleasant. The fountain has an aesthetic that goes well with both ethnic and contemporary themes. As a functional part of your décor, they also manipulate the Vasthu of your space, attracting prosperity, and harmony. This stylish fountain will create a welcoming feel to everyone. ONELINER: Multi-tiered Brass fountain with an assembly of bowls and birds, topped with a sprig of leaves, all individually handcrafted.