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Gold Plating

gold plating process

The presence of gold attracts prosperity into our lives through a positive sphere of spiritual influence. It creates a visible air of opulence. Plating holds the power to transform any random decor item into a precious family heirloom. The allure of Mantra gold plating is that it completely transforms our perception as it enhances sober tones with the irresistible sheen of pure gold.

Gold is a status symbol in India, but the existing gold prices and future escalations challenge affordability. As such, the question arises, whether we can afford to decorate our homes in Gold. The solution lies with Mantra’s signature 24kt gold plating. Our offer is not only affordable, but also durable and long lasting.

Each item is coated with Nano Tech Gold Deposition (NTGD) Technology. Additionally, our gold coating is protected from surface damage by a hard lacquer coating. Our artifacts can, therefore, be passed down to generations looking as good as brand new.


Experience devotion in various shades of spirituality – in gleaming brass, copper, silver, and gold. Restore the Gods of your home through precious metal plating and transform them into prized possessions, meaningful keepsakes, and valuable heirlooms for generations to come. Watch your faded antiques transform into brand-new possessions!

We ensure your precious idols are safe for the future with the Mantra Nano Tech Lacquer that protects them from environmental impacts. Choose from our exclusive range of finishes to complement your existing decor. In single, dual, and multi-toned finishes, the options we offer are endless. You will also find varied choices in stains, available with each metal coating to suit your artful, traditional, or modern tastes.

Mantra’s services ensure hassle-free plating and delivery of the renewed products with our team of experts, who prioritize perfection.