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About Mantra

The word Mantra is derived from two Sanskrit terms - Manas (mind) and tra (tool) which literally means “ a tool for the mind”

Anything in the presence of the physical realm soothes the mental aspect of the mind aligning with a better life for now and beyond. A “ wow” to your eyes feeds peace to your mind and this is what our products aim to do. Feed a sense of peace to you. For you.
At Mantra Gold Coatings, We celebrate the essence of this tradition which is beyond the measures of time,, holding such deep reverence of our culture asserting the wide presence of spirituality. We stand as a beacon of Art and Craftsmanship where our craftsman’s devotion to their work aims at making a perfect piece of devotion for you aiming at reminding you of your origination and slowly of your purpose.

You know how you look at something and you feel “ This is it ” and all of a sudden you are awestruck , gazing into something you never thought would make so much sense to your life , making you not zone out but make everything else less relevant at that moment.
  • We make your “ This is it ” moments,
  • We also make your” Why didn’t I find it before ? ” moments.

You see , Our Journey began with a very simple yet profound aim of carrying depths of our dreams which is making stories of India and placing it in every home and also in every heart of our beloved, as a custodian of art where India Radiates of Gold echoing the sounds of spirituality.

Infusing life into every piece we create , we stand as a testament to our vision and commitment that wants to create a symbol of unity, peace and a tangible expression of devotion.

The cultural richness that defines India starts with us and ends with you and Mantra Gold Coatings is that gap for the foreseeable future and a future that upholds life later.

When a bridge is constructed between the clocks of past and present that would also be around in the future even when you are not , is when Mantra takes forward
stories to your generation in the form of living history.

Our pieces are going to echo your presence to your generation for years to come. This is where a hope to make you live forever arises.

They say people live in the form of stories and We Mantra Gold coatings are here to narrate that.


By making our philosophy stand on two pillars of integrity and authenticity we envision at becoming the global symbolic representation of artistic excellence in every single creation of ours for now and tomorrow.

Our passion to channelize the divine through our handicrafts establishes a deep rooted connection between you and your soul in this modern chaotic world.

Our aspiration to set high standards in the global handicrafts industry focuses on leveraging the core values and heritage of Indian craftsmanship signifying purity of intentions and perfection.


We at Mantra Gold Coatings not only aim at blending tradition with innovation and creativity but we also aim at setting high benchmarks standards when it comes to gold coating handicrafts by upholding values of integrity, authenticity and genuine appreciation for finer things in life that walks down from our own Indian history.

Our passion is to focus on core detailing , perfection ,artistic self expression and commitment for excellence with meticulous craftsmanship and unhampered dedication to quality, transforming ordinary items into generational heritage treasures.

We pursue to reach every house with our awe- inspiring pieces concreting our culture everywhere not just for this generation but also mark our presence as a form of living history for the coming generation.

You know what fuels us ?

Just mere dedication to transform ideas into explicit form of reality which enriches lives and highlights the Golden heart for which India was known.

We are sowing the seeds, to make India Golden again.