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Mantra Gold Coatings is a place where design meets the art connoisseur Mantra brings to you, a carefully curated collection of handcrafted metal and wood work, all in aesthetically appealing designs.Each individual piece is curated with personal attention to detail by various artisans from across the country and receive their final finish at the Mantra facility, where a beautiful finish in Copper, Brass, Silver, and our signature 24kt Gold is rendered. Built to last, these pieces will not only mesmerize you, but also brighten your space, mind and soul

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Celebrating Pongal In Tamil Nadu - mantra gold coatings

Celebrating Pongal In Tamil Nadu

New Year when January comes, South India, especially Tamil Nadu gets about preparing for their harvest festival.
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Diwali, The Festival Of Lights! - mantra gold coatings

Diwali, The Festival Of Lights!

Diwali, is celebrated every year by Indians, particularly of the Hindu religious persuasion, on the Amavasya, or new moon day of the Kartika Month in the Hindu calendar. 
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Ayudha Pooja Learning the Legends and Rituals - mantra gold coatings

Ayudha Pooja Learning the Legends and Rituals

India being a multi-cultural country, each state has a slightly different version of the legend behind Ayudha Puja. However the three most popular stories are as follows.
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