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The Essence of Mantra

Mantra's story

Mantra's journey began with gold plating for temple architecture, collaborating with skilled metal artisans nationwide. Our expertise extends to speciality gold, silver, copper, and brass plating, enhancing our creations with a unique blend of craftsmanship and innovation. Each product reflects the superior quality and rich heritage that define Mantra.

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I was amazed by the transformation of my silver antiques after being gold-plated with Mantra’s 24k gold plating. Moreover, when I visited the store to drop off my silver antiques, I was so taken with the exquisitely handcrafted masterpieces that I couldn't resist buying the Gajalakshmi lamp for my newlywed sister.


I entrusted my family heirloom to Mantra, and the result was so beautiful. The attention to detail and the finishing were so perfect that I feel blessed to have chosen Mantra for preserving my family heirloom.


I was looking for a Diwali gift for my daughter and came across the Mantra Gold Coating website. It has so many exquisite, 24k gold-plated masterpieces. The delivery was on time and without complications. The quality was excellent, and I enjoyed that I got it at a reasonable rate.

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