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MANTRA DIVIT Gomatha Cow With Calf Vastu Statue | Brass Made Gomatha Idol (24K Gold Plated), Gomatha Statue For Home Decoration, Car Dashboard, Office Desks, Pooja Room, Gifting (2.8” Height)

Rs. 2,999.00
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1.        Golden Grace: Elegantly crafted with a gleaming gold-plated finish, this Mantra’s Gomatha cow invites serenity, prosperity, and positivity into your home.

2.      Exquisite Craftsmanship: Hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this cow and calf statue is a stunning testament to the skill of Mantra’s expert artisans. This idol perfectly captures the divine essence of Gomatha

3.      Auspicious symbol of Prosperity: This auspicious murti features Gomatha, the wish-fulfilling cow, and her calf, Nandini. Symbolizing prosperity and overcoming challenges, Gomatha embodies wisdom (Vedas) and life's goals (teats). Invite positive energy, harmony, and lasting blessings into your home.

4.      Peace & Protection: Experience long lasting elegance and assured peace of mind with Mantra’s 1-year warranty for gold plating. Mantra’s Gomatha cow idol is made of solid brass metal coated with pure 24 carat gold.

5.      Perfect Gift: An ideal addition to your pooja room, car dashboard, office desk or the perfect gifting item for house warming, anniversaries, and festivals. Your home or car deserves this elegant work of art with spiritual essence.