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Maha Ganapathi Yantra

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Significance of Mahaganapathy Yantra :

·         Mahaganapathy yantra helps in removing obstacles in life

·         This yantra helps working on Mooladhara chakra

·         Boosts your confidence and supports navigating through life

     Directions to Use :

·         Place the Yantra in the pooja room along with the box opened removing the plastic wrapper

·         Yantra works best if placed a horizontal position , visualizing the energies rising upward.

·         Place Chandhan and Kumkum in the center , Light lamps, Offer flowers and glass of boiled milk near the box or neiveidhyam as you wish.

·         Do Aarthi & Chant / play the given Mantra twice a day for best results.

·         Suggested non-Stop pooja for 48 days Continuously to maintain the divine aura at your home

Mantra to be Chanted / Played :

·        Om Sreem Hreem Kleem Gloung Gam Ganapataye Vara Varade

Sarva Jan Me Vash Manaye Namaha!

Aids in activating mooladhara Chakra




·         Attract Blessings with Success in Career / Business etc.


·         Aids fulfillment of desires , Power , Wealth and authority


·         Grace removes all obstacles and impediments in life