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Renganathar Copper with Wood

Rs. 2,700.00
0.096 kg

Ranganathaswamy , an incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, the preserver in the Hindu trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva). With his head resting on his right hand this posture is known as "Ananta Shayana" or reclining on the serpent making the devotees believe that worshipping Ranganathaswamy can bring prosperity, health, and spiritual well-being. The deity is often revered for blessings related to familial harmony, success, and salvation. With the richness dating back to Cholas, Pandiyas, and Vijayanagara rulers, the sculpture is a mere reflection of The Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple blessing your home.
Height: 9 cm
Length: 5 cm
Width: 5 cm