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Shree Yantra

Rs. 810.00

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring home our energised Shree Yantra to attract prosperity and abundance.

Activate energy centres:Harmonize your energy flow and unlock greater vitality. Our Shree Yantra isn't just an expertly designed art piece; it's key to awakening the powerful chakras within you.

Nurture your spirit and prosper:Our Shree Yantra acts as a powerful tool for meditation and attracts abundance in both the material and spiritual aspects of life.

Get yours now and witness the positive change it brings to your life!

Why choose our Shree Yantra

  • Crafted authentically: Made using a blend of traditional drawing and modern techniques.
  • Multiple finishes: Available in elegant copper, silver, and gold finishes, our Shree Yantras are personalised to meet individual needs.
  • Energised power: Infused with potent Bheej Mantra chants and poojas for spiritual energy.
  • Free Pooja counselling: Get complimentary counselling on Pooja methods.
  • Personalised insights: Receive a booklet with personalised insights and significance.