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Annam Kuthu Vilakku 36.4"

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Handcrafted brass kuthuvilakku, a traditional south Indian lamp. The lamp has a wide circular base, a stem on which the five wicked lamp is set. The lamp is topped with a graceful Annam bird. The Annam, stands for purity in spirit and innocence in Hindu mythology. It is also the Vaahana of Lord Brahma the Creator, and is compared to the ideology of Moksha or salvation. The Annam Kuthuvillaku is gifted to newlywed brides, by their parents, as an auspicious symbol of her new life. It is lit on special occasions like festivals or auspicious events at home. In fact all Hindu ceremonies are commenced by lighting the Kuthuvilakku. The brass and the metals in the finish, also cleanse the space, and impart positive energy to your home.